Did you know that switching your showerhead to a high-efficiency unit can save up to 200 litres of water during a ten minute shower? Or that, for the average Canadian family, a high-efficiency toilet can save up to 20,000 litres of water a year?

If you didn't know the substantial savings that can be achieved through these simple water conservation tips, you're not alone: many Canadians are unaware how much water and energy can be saved with simple changes to your plumbing.

Because Water Matters is an online destination where Canadians can find information and tips on a wide range of plumbing and heating topics, from energy and water conservation to technological innovation. The Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating, a not-for-profit trade association representing Canada's manufacturers and wholesaler distributers of plumbing and hydronic heating products, created Because Water Matters to underscore their members' commitment to conservation and technological innovation in the plumbing field.

As you browse these pages, we hope to help you increase your Water IQ and educate you, the Canadian consumer, about how to be conscious of, and conserve, one of Canada's most precious resources.

Because Water Matters.

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